CPS MX3030 A/C RRR Management System for R134A & R1234YF Refrigerant Systems

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This dual refrigerant unit provides full YF recovery, recycle, and recharge capabilities and can convert to an R-134a to service a sudden increase in demand or replace a non-working R-134a machine.

  • Compatible with both electrical and traditional engine-driven compressors and provides the most flexibility out of your equipment
  • Services all refrigerant types
  • Patented motor-controlled ball valves
  • Resist sticking and clogging from contaminants, unlike traditional valve configurations
  • Valves open wider for increased flow
  • Built for high-capacity commercial applications and servicing heavy-duty systems
  • Patented oilless compressor eliminates failure caused by too little or too much oil
  • Higher capacity levels reduce the need to use the vehicle’s compressor to assist with completing the charge
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Fully interactive touch-pad screen that is Wi-Fi printer capable and integrates with Bluetooth wireless adapters for pre and post-service health checks
  • Quickly change the unit of measurement and access the vehicle database (included), in addition to refrigerant and oil charging data
  • Includes a refrigerant identifier



  • Dimensions: 60” H x 27.5” W x 25 D
  • 220 lbs. overall capacity
  • Two 30 lbs. recovery tanks
  • 115V, 850 W
  • Recovery Rate=Up to 1lb/min
  • 2CFM and 500 micron
  • 3.5″ gauges
  • 10′ power cord

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