Chicago Pneumatic 1/2 Stubby Metal Impact Wrench Tools

Chicago Pneumatic 1/2" Stubby Metal Impact Wrench

  • $ 127.99

The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7732C is an ultra-compact and powerful ½’’ composite impact wrench. At only 4.3" long (108 mm), this stubby impact wrench is ideal for very restricted areas, like transmission and engine work. Since this tool is shorter than your hand, anywhere your hand can fit, so can the CP7732C! CP7732C Our new ultra-lightweight ½” impact wrench - CP7732C – is the new generation of our best-selling ‘stubby’ CP7732. The CP7732C is 20 per cent lighter than its predecessor, and has been designed in response to customer demand for smaller, lighter tools, enabling mechanics to work easily in difficult-to-access areas. The CP7732C delivers maximum customer value with an unbeatable power-to-weight ratio, weighing just 2.2lbs (1 kg) and 4.3 in (108 mm) in length while still providing a maximum torque of 460 ft.lbs (625 Nm) in reverse. It’s the perfect impact wrench for use inside the vehicle and engine compartment for jobs on oil pans, seat bolts and body panels. Its jumbo hammer mechanism, steel motor and aluminum clutch housing provide excellent performance and withstand the tough workshop environment. CP7732C New ergonomics for much better user-comfort! Our new tool is super ergonomic and has been designed for maximum user comfort with a composite housing and thermo-plastic rubber handle. You will love the smooth side-to-side forward/reverse mechanism and the new power setting system. The ergonomic curved handle reduces tension in the mechanic’s hand and helps reduce chances of an injury. Furthermore, a full teasing trigger gives the operator easier control during operation. The new CP7732C is lighter than previous generation yet more powerful and much more ergonomic than the previous model. It is a must have in every mechanics tool box to easily work in tight spaces that are unreachable with a standard ½ impact wrench!