Car Certified Tools Bakit01 Brake Bleeder Adapter Kit

Car Certified Tools BAKIT01 Brake Bleeder Adapter Kit

Car Certified Tools

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The Master Kit combines the best combination of adapters for the widest coverage of vehicles! Getting the right Master Cylinder Adapters that match the manufacturers' specs can be time-consuming. Each kit is designed to match a specific manufacturer for easy installation and a leak-proof seal every time. Each adapter has 360º swivel nipple fittings which save wear & tear on pressure hose and eliminates clearance issues.

  • Color Coded Anodized Aluminum Caps for Easy Recognition
  • Standard Brass Fittings Ensures Compatibility with All Styles of Brake Bleeders
  • Eliminates Hassles With Air Hoses and Shop Air
  • Expandable O-Rings Guarantees a Leak-Proof Seal Every Time
  • Twist Top Knob to Expand O-Ring & Tighten the Cap
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Covers All Makes and Models of Vehicles