Bolt Buster Heat Induction Tool 1 800 Watts Bb2X-Acc Repair Shop

Bolt Buster Heat Induction Tool 1,800 Watts BB2X-ACC

  • $ 392.64

The Bolt Buster Heat Induction Tool, No. BB2X, eliminates the hazards of working with a torch. According to the company, the BB2X has 1,800 watts of power to speed up the heating process and can get a 3/4” nut red hot in seconds. The Bolt Buster heats up anything metallic without an open flame. Torchless heat induction is a time-saving alternative for removing side moldings, seized or thread locked bolts, nuts, bearings, frozen calipers and more. The BB2X comes with a complete coil kit and full warranty. It is made in the U.S.A. This is the 110 volt version with the US plug style. The heating element dimensions are 15 x 3.5 x 3.5.

Included Accessories

BBC-175L: 1-3/4” (1.75” or 44mm) ID x Length = (8.5” OR 21.5cm)
BBC-150L: 1-1/2” (1.50” or 38mm) ID x Length = (8.5” OR 21.5cm)
BBC-125L: 1-1/4” (1.25” or 31mm) ID x Length = (8.5” OR 21.5cm)
BBC-100L: 1.0 “ (25.4mm) ID x Length = (8.5” OR 21.5cm)
BBC-134L: .75 “ (20mm) x Length = (10” OR 25.4cm)
BBC-178: (2) -7/8” (.875” or 22mm) Length = (5.5” or 13cm)
BBC-134: (1) - 75” (.75” or 19mm) Length = (5.5” or 13cm)
BBC-FLEX23L: Stif Slex Form Coil 10 AWG Copper Tonned Wire 23" with 1000F Fiberglass insulation
BBC-LITZ41: 41” Litz Wire Rope

  • ​BBC=MAG600: Mag-Guide Flat Iron Heater Attachment
  • BBC-Thermal Pad: For Hail Dent Auto Body Repair​