Baileigh Bw-160M Mig Weler Dual Voltage Gas / Gasless 8.5 Torch 1021970 Welding

Baileigh BW-160M Mig Weler Dual Voltage Gas / Gasless 8.5' TORCH 1021970

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Features and Description:

The Baileigh Industrial BW-160A MIG welder is a fantastic way of getting started in MIG welding. It is a High Performance Machine with a high Duty cycle and gas is not required because the machine can run gasless wire. The machine is easy to operate, just two knobs - voltage and wire speed. Being an inverter machine, it's light (22lbs empty) and powerful with infinite adjustment on the voltage and wire speed so you can weld the thinnest materials from panel steel up to steel that is 10 millimetres thick.

  • IGBT Inverter MIG welder

  • Dual voltage can run on 120 volt or 230 volt single-phase power

  • Step-less Amp/Volt Adjustment

  • Thermal Overload Protected

  • Fan Cooled

  • Generator Safe

  • Gas/Gasless Capable

  • Easily sourced consumables

  • MIG Torch, ground clamp, 6-50P 250V plug, adaptor to 120V plug, and gas hose with regulator