Autel MS909CV 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Repair & Diagnostic Tablet

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The Autel MaxiSYS MS909CV is an advanced commercial vehicles diagnostic that is compatible with more than 80 models of light, medium and heavy duty vehicles. The 9.7-inch wireless Android-based touchscreen tablet performs extensive vehicle diagnostics including the ability to read/erase codes, view and graphs live data, and perform active tests. The tablet includes a Bluetooth-enabled vehicle communication interface (VCI)/J2534 pass-thru programmer, the MaxiBAS B200 battery, starting and charging system test device and alligator clamps, and a multimeter and amp clamp. The tablet also includes ADAS Calibration Software for Class 3-5 vehicles and Class 6 to 8 Vehicles with Dynamically Calibrated Systems. The MS909CV includes one year limited warranty and a year of free software updates.
  • Performs Enhanced System Diagnostics on More Than 80 Models of Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles
  • 9.7-Inch Wireless Android-Based Touchscreen Diagnostics Tablet
  • Octa-Core Processor/128 GB Storage Memory
  • Wireless Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI)/J2534 Passthru Programming Device
  • Topology Module Mapping, Guided Repair, Detailed Repair Information Including TSB and OE Campaigns
  • Performs Starting and Charging Systems Analysis With Included MaxiBAS B200 Tester With Alligator Clamps
  • Includes Multimeter and Amp Clamp
  • ADAS Calibration Software for Class 3-5 Vehicles and Class 6 to 8 Vehicles With Dynamically Calibrated Systems (Class 6 to 8 Static Calibration Coming Soon)
  • Rapid Vehicle Identification Via Vinscan and Autovin
  • Includes 1 Year Limited Warranty and Free Software Updates