Autel MaxiSys Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Service Tablet MS906CV

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The MaxiSys 906CV is a multifunctional intelligent diagnostic instrument equipped with a Samsung Exynos six-core processor, an 8.0-inch LCD capacitive touch screen, and a new multi-tasking operating system with 8MP rear-facing cameras to support domestic diesel engines in Europe, America, and Asia. Control system inspection, original level fault diagnosis function covers a wide range of special functions, help you to quickly and efficiently handle and solve automotive faults. It is the ideal product for true trouble-free diagnosis.

Product Features

  • Large Section of Asian, Chinese, Euro, And American Trucks supported with more support and greater details being added every day.
  • Support the testing of electronic control systems for various diesel engines made in China, Europe, America, and Asia, clearly categorized by model and system, and easy to operate.
  • Support Bosch system country three, country four, national five models automatic positioning function
  • Support for light trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, trucks and other models OBD diagnostic features


List of advantages

  • Fuel injector code reading and writing
  • Engine broken cylinder test, engine compression test
  • Engine Acceleration Test
  • Engine idle adjustment
  • Maximum speed release limit
  • Bosch Common Rail Pressure Relief Valve Open Time Reset
  • Bosch Common Rail Pressure Relief Valve Open Times Reset
  • Electromagnetic fan calibration
  • Exhaust brake calibration
  • DPF regeneration
Comparison of ms906cv VS ms908cv
ms906cv ms908cv
• Yes - DPF regen
• No - Change VIN / Input VIN
• No - Bi-directional controls
• No - Parameter Setting
• No - Timing Calibration
• No - Trans Adaptation/Relearn
• No - Automatic Transmission Clutch Calibration
• Protocols (see below)

• 8-inch screen
• Corded, 1.7 m in length
• 1.3GHz+1.7GHz Hexa Core
• 5,000 mAh battery
• 8.0 MP Camera
• Android 4.4.2
• No - HDMI
• No - Bluetooth
• No - headset jack
• Single Speaker
• Weight 0.93 kg (2.05 lb.)
• Yes - DPF regen
• Yes - Change VIN / Input VIN
• Yes - Bi-directional controls
• Yes - Parameter Setting
• Yes - Timing Calibration
• Yes - Trans Adaptation/Relearn
• Yes - Automatic Transmission Clutch Calibration
• Protocols (see below)

• 10-inch screen
• Wireless via MaxiFlash Elite
• 1.4GHz Quad-Core Processor
• 12,000 mAh battery
• 5.0 MP Camera
• Android 4.0.4.
• Yes - HDMI
• Yes - Bluetooth
• Yes - headset jack
• Dual Speakers
• Weight 1.42 kg (3.13 lb.)


One-button reset function

High-end features: gearbox matching, cylinder, release speed limit, turbocharger, instrument replacement match, airbag reset, tire pressure reset, DPF exhaust aftertreatment, anti-theft matching, injector coding, air suspension calibration, headlight adjustment

Commonly used functions: zero maintenance lights, throttle matching, brake replacement, steering angle calibration, door and window matching, battery replacement, ABS exhaust, seat matching, tooth learning