AuroDiag OtoSys Automotive Key Programming and Diagnostic Tool IM100

  • $ 1,999.00

The IM100 Auro OtoSys is a vehicle key programming too based on a 7-inch Android touchscreen tablet, and equipped with the UP200 Key Programmer; the OtoSys IM100 provides unparalleled Immobilizer and Key Programming functions as well as diagnostic functions and services!

OtoSys IM100 tablet features a fast quad-core processor running Android 4.4.4 with a 7-inch LCD touchscreen at 1024 x 600 quality.

IMMO Functions
Connect the IM100 tablet to the vehicle (via the Main Cable) and to the UP200 (via USB cable) to access IMMO related functions, including Key Learning, Remote Control Learning, Remote Control Add, etc. Two methods to access IMMO functions: 
1. Smart Mode – step-by-step through a series of functions. 
2. Expert Mode – select a specific function.

Connect the IM100 tablet to the UP200 Key Programmer (no vehicle connection required) to access the key chip, read, retrieve and write key information, as well as other key related functions. The UP200 includes five ports:
1. Vehicle Key Chip Slot – holds the vehicle key chip.
2. Vehicle Key Slot – holds the vehicle key.
3. Status LED Light – indicates the current operating status.
4. Connection Port – connects EEPROM Adaptor and EEPROM Clamp Integrated MC9S12 Cable.
5. USB Port – provides data communication with the IM100 tablet and power supply.

Connect the IM100 tablet to the vehicle via the Main Cable to perform diagnostic and service functions via the electronic control unit (ECU) for various vehicle control systems (including engine, transmission, ABS, SRS), retrieve ECU information, read & erase DTCs, and view live data. The IM100 service functions include: Reset, EPB, BMS, SAS, DPF, TPMS. NOTE: Bi-directionals not included with the IM100. The IM100 includes Autel mx808 scan tool vehicle software/hardware.


Kit Contents 
- OtoSys IM100 Display Tablet –7-inch LCD capacitive touchsreen with USB. (Not HDMI)
- UP200 Key Programmer - reads VW vehicle key chip data, clone and generate exclusive keys, read/write on-board EEPROM data, read/write Freescale 9S12 MCUs; read/write key chip data.
- Main Cable. Connects the Display Tablet to the vehicle’s data link connector (DLC).
- APB001 – EEPROM Adaptor
- APB002 – 68HC908 Adaptor
- APA002 – EEPROM Socket
- APA001 – EEPROM Clamp Integrated MC9S12 Cable
- Mazda-17 Adapter
- KIA-10 Adapter
- KIA-20 Adapter
- Honda-3 Adapter
- AAC001 – MED17 Cable
- Mini USB Cable, connects the IM100 tablet to the PC or DC external power adapter.
- USB External Power Adapter, together with the mini USB cable, connects the Display Tablet to the external DC power port for power supply.
- Quick Reference Guide