Atlas QCHAK 200/700 Series Quick Change Head Assembly

  • $ 256.47

Does NOT fit Atlas 400 series and 500 series or Coseng 788 tire changers.

The Atlas Quick Change Head Assembly is designed for the tire service center that works on both factory steel wheels and alloy custom rims. All Atlas tire changers come standard with a metal mount/demount head. These metal heads have two plastic inserts that help to protect the wheels from contact with the metal head. However, many customers feel more confident using a COMPLETE PLASTIC M/D HEAD when changing after market alloy wheels.

Greg Smith Equipment understands it takes quite a while to remove a metal head and attach a plastic head to your wheel clamp tire changer. We have developed a quick change system that allows the tire changer operator to switch mount/demount heads in less than 30 seconds.

If the customer uses a steel head (even with the plastic protector inserts), there is still the risk of damage to an alloy wheel. If the customer uses a plastic mount/demount head for steel wheels, then the plastic head will not last very long. Plastic heads are expensive.

We all know that if it takes 5 minutes...and a lot of change from the steel mount/demount head to the plastic head (and vice versa)...then the tire changer operator will not bother to change to the correct head. Tire changer guys are basically lazy.

The Atlas quick change kit includes everything you need to protect the most expensive alloy rims and also service the multitude of steel rims that come into your shop.



  • (1) QCMHA - Steel Mount/Demount Adapter for Quick Union
  • (1) QCPMH - Plastic Mount/Demount Head w/Quick Union Adapter
  • (1) QCU - Mount/Demount Head Quick Union Adapter for Tire Changer