Atlas PV-15PX Overhead 15,000 Capacity Adjustable Height 2 Post Lift (Extra Wide

  • $ 4,345.99

The Atlas® PV series represents the absolute best value for the customer who demands a heavy duty professional grade two post lift at the lowest possible price. Atlas® has been manufacturing the PV series two post above ground lifts for over a decade. Thousands sold! Descriptions such as “bullet-proof”, built like a brick outhouse, tougher than nails, and other such euphemistic phrases are used every day to describe any of the Atlas® PV series models. 

The Atlas® PV-15P is a commercial grade lift designed to accommodate both long wheel base trucks and passenger cars. The distance between the symmetrical columns is almost 123" with a drive thru space of 109". The extra distance between the symmetrical columns will allow the widest of vehicles to be lifted. The increased length of the symmetrical arms coupled with the additional height of the included peg style truck adapter set allows the operator to safely raise long wheel base trucks with a variety of running boards and frame configurations.

The Atlas® PV-15P has a single point lock release, set of truck adapters, overhead above ground lift configuration, automatic arm restraints, and symmetric arms.

Single Point Lock Release - This Atlas Lift has a manual single point lock release that allows the operator to release all the safety locks at one time. The spring loaded lock handle and power unit dump valve must be activated at the same time. (two hand operation) If the lock handle is released and the dump valve handle is still being pressed, the lift will continue to descend and all locks will automatically re-engage at the next lower lock point.

Automatic Arm Restraints - are needed to keep the arm "locked" into a position relative to the carriage. When the arms are at rest in the lowest position, the arm restraint pin (which extends below the carriage) is pressed up and the lock (teeth) mechanism is disengaged. The operator can then move the arms so that the lift pads can be properly positioned under the vehicle’s lift points. Once the carriage is raised (approximately 2 inches) the lock is reengaged and the arms cannot be moved. However, the operator may pull the knob or metal ring to manually unlock the arms. Lock restraints do not guarantee that a vehicle cannot be "moved" off of the lift pads. Operator should use care when working on vehicles that have an abundant amount of undercoating (lift pads may "slide") or a significant weight imbalance of the vehicle may occur due to removal of an engine or transmission. Also, "HEAVY wrenching" may result in a vehicle shifting weight on the arm pads. We recommend the use of tall jack stands under the vehicle to add another layer of safety.

Overhead Configuration - The overhead bar configuration leaves the floor area between the columns open, and allows the operator to easily roll a transmission jack or a tool box under the car. The Automatic Padded Shut-Off Bar located below the cross beam prevents the top of the vehicle from being damaged by hitting the cross beam. The padded bar, which contacted automatically shuts off the motor on the power unit to prevent the vehicle from being lifted.

Symmetric Arm Design - This lift includes a symmetric column configuration to offer the widest possible Drive Thru. This base-plate above ground lift has symmetric arms to allow easy access to both sides of the vehicle.

Atlas® PV-15P Specifications

  • Capacity: 15,000 LB.                        
  • Overall Height - Low: 150 3/8" (12' 6 3/8")* Middle: 162 3/8" (13' 6 3/8") High: 177 3/8" (14' 9 3/8")
  • Height To Shut Off Bar – Low: 140 3/4" (11' 8 3/4")* Middle: 152 3/4" (12 8 3/4") High: 167 3/4" (13' 11 3/4")
  • Overall Width: 158" (13' 2")                         
  • Overall Width (Without Motor): 150 1/4" (12' 6 1/4")                      
  • Outside Column to Outside Column: 138 3/4" (11' 6 3/4")                             
  • Maximum Lift Height: 69 1/8" (5' 9 1/8")               
  • Maximum Lift Height (With Truck Adapters): 79 3/4" (6 7 3/4")   
  • Minimum Pad Height: 6 5/8"      
  • Between Columns: 122 7/8" (10' 2 7/8")                
  • Column Size: 14 3/8" x 7 3/4"                     
  • Column Thickness of Steel: 6mm                             
  • Carriage Thickness of Steel: 6mm                            
  • Arms Thickness of Steel: 6mm                  
  • Drive Thru: 109" (9' 1")                  
  • Base of Lift: 17 1/2" x 20 1/2"                     
  • Cable Diameter: .375"                   
  • Motor/Electrical Requirement:  220V single (1) phase. 30A Breaker
  • Oil Requirement: 3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46
  • Shipping Weight: 2,518 LBS.
  • *Requires the purchase of additional shorter cables.