Atlas Platinum RJ7000 Rolling Jack

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This air/hydraulic rolling jack has telescoping arms that can be extended over the runways of the four post lift. The lift pads at the end of these arms can be positioned under the lifting points that are located over the runways of the four post lift. This rolling jack is equipped with expandable rail supports which adjust to fit many different four post above ground lifts. These supports have a unique roller system that allows the rolling hydraulic jack to glide easily under the entire length of the vehicle.

The Atlas® APEX RJ7000 is an ALI Certified Accessory for the Atlas® Platinum line of 4-Post lifts.

Important: The Atlas® AP-RJ7000 is designed and engineered to operate on "delivered" air pressure of between 80-116 PSI. If you exceed 116 PSI, you may damage your jack

Features and Benefits:

  • Double Screw-Up Adapter Pads Included
  • Compact Size with Low Profile
  • High Quality Nylon Rollers Ensure Smooth Movement
  • Superior Strength Scissor mechanism allows for level lifting
  • Two safety lock positions
  • AP-RJ7000 (Manufacturer Part #)
Minimum Width 36"
Maximum Width 58"
Distance Between Runway Capability 36" - 57 1/4"
Minimum Lifting Height 12 1/2"
Maximum Lifting Height (With Both Adapters) 27 1/2"
Double Screw-up Adapter Pad 1 1/2" - 4"
Maximum Capacity 7,000 LB.
Recommended Operating Pressure (PSI) 70-115 PSI