Atlas ATBL-TR470-FPD Comec Brake Lathe Disc & Drum

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The TR470 reconditions all kinds of brake discs, drums or flywheels of cars and light trucks and, with proper accessories, even of heavy duty vehicles in a very easy and precise way.

  • The monolithic frame of cast iron provides high mechanical characteristics assuring excellent features of sturdiness and rigidity.
  • The practical Disc/Drum combination tool holder assembly avoids continuous changing of the tool holder every time it switches from disc to drum and vice versa.
  • The cross slide feed with variable speed always assures the best surface finishing.
  • The adjustable spindle speed with 3 positions, to always get the proper cutting speed according to the diameter of the work piece.
  • The standard equipment, including a 30 mm shaft and a wide set of centering cones and blocking bells, allows a quick and accurate centering of work piece.
  • The optional equipment AP50, including the 50 mm shaft as well as proper cones and spacers, extends the working capacity up to the rotors and drums of heavy duty vehicles.
  • Optional Truck Adapter



  • Min-Max Drum Capacity: 5-9/10" - 27-9/10" (150 - 710 mm)
  • Max Drum Depth: 8-1/5" (210 mm)
  • Max Disc Diameter: 33-4/5" (860 mm)
  • Max Disc Depth: 5-9/10 " (150 mm)
  • Max Disc Thickness: 2-3/10" (60 mm)
  • Spindle Rotation Speed: 70-100-145 rpm
  • Variable Table Feed Speed: 0-1.1 Inch/rev (0 - 27 mm/min)
  • Power Supply: 220V 60Hz 1-Phase
  • Shipping Dimensions: 31" (W) x 23-3/4" (D) x 33-1/2" (H)
  • Shipping Weight: 488 lbs