ATD Tools AC Bag Kit R134 U Charge Kit 4.2 CFM Vac Pump Can Tap O Rings ATD-90

  • $ 139.99

Kit Includes: ATD-22 - Large, 18 Pocket Utility Bag 20-1/2" W x 9-1/2" D x 10" H ATD-3502 - R134a U-Charge Kit Brass dispensing valve with hose and R134a quick coupler Charge A/C systems using R134a cans with 1/2" ACME fitting ATD-3410 - 4.2 CFM Air Operated Vacuum Pump Requires 4.5 CFM/90 psi shop air No moving parts, no oil required 1.3 CFM air displacement venturi type pump will pull up to 29 inches of vacuum (Hg.) at sea level Includes 1/4" flare (R12) connection and 1/2" ACME (R134a) connection ATD-3526 - 3-in-1 Side Mount Can Tap Valve This unique design covers 2-7/8" (R134a), 2-1/2" (R12) and 2" (Oil) charge cans Includes 1/2" ACME-M and 1/4" FL-M ports Internal safety check valve prevents system backflow ATD-356 - 270 PC. HNBR R12/R134a O-ring Assortment ATD-3406 - Pocket Analog Thermometer Dial size: 1" Temperature scale: 0 to 220˚ F Includes pocket holder and clip ATD-3693 - R134a Brass Manifold Gauge Set R134a Gauges (3) 60" Hoses Snap Couplers Gauge Guards