Associated Equipment Corp. 12-1012 12V Digital Battery Tester

Associated Equipment Corp. 12-1012 12V Digital Battery Tester

  • $ 169.99

As we all know battery plays a very important role in a vehicle by providing power to all the electrical components and also the initial power to get the engine started. Once the engine runs, the alternator will take over and at the same time it charges the battery. In order these power systems to perform efficiently at all times, they need to be checked regularly during service and maintenance of the vehicle.


  • Light weight hand‐held digital battery tester with USB port for print to PC
  • Stores last test series with or without power
  • Battery test displays:
    • Good/Replace/Recharge‐Retest
    • Measured Voltage of the battery
    • CCA Battery
    • Internal Resistance
    • Estimated remaining life
  • Starter Test displays:
    • Lowest voltage of battery during start
    • Voltage Drop – Normal/High
  • Alternator Test displays:
    • Good/Low/High
    • Average / Max / Min during test, for loaded and no load test
  • Carrying Case and cables included


Load: Resistance
Voltmeter: 9-15 Volts DC
Leads: 5 FT
Clamps: Kelvin Connection
Limited warranty: 1 Year
Weight: 2 lbs