Ammco HIT6000-3 Heavy Duty Tire Changer

  • $ 34,838.45

The Coats Model 6000 Tire Changer is designed for servicing tubeless tires. It can change tubeless truck tires in a matter of minutes with the use of adapters, as well as loosen tube-type tire beads. Handles wheel widths 6”-15” and diameters of 16.5” to 24.5”. Bead loosening, mounting and demount are activated by dedicated two way pedals.
  • Handles wheel widths of 6 inches to 15 inches and diameters of 16.5 inches to 24.5 inches
  • Changes all 15-degree single-piece highway rims, including demountable Dayton wheels, reverse disc Budd wheels and standard disc wheels
  • One control stick for pivoting the tabletop and clamping the rim chuck
  • Dedicated two-way pedals activate bead-loosening, mounting and demounting
  • Optional #183945 nylon head combo tool available for aluminum wheels
  • HIT6000 can change tubeless tires in a matter of minutes without the use of adapters



  • Operation: Lay Back, Center Mount
  • Wheel Handled: Budd & Dayton Tubeless
  • Mount/Demount: Center Post
  • Toll Head Offset: Independent Removable, Mount in Table
  • Table Shape: Lay Back
  • Wheel Clamping Method: Lay Back, Center Mount
  • Wheel Lift: Tilt Back
  • Frame Structure: Tilt Table
  • Max Tire Diameter: 44" (1118mm)
  • Max Tire Width: 16" (406mm)
  • Min/Max Rim Diameter: 16.5" - 24.5"
  • Electric Specifications: 220v / 1ph or 220v / 3ph, 60Hz
  • Air Required: Yes
  • Max Chuck Torque: 2900 ft/lbs.
  • Max Overall Dimension: 78" (W) x 48" (D)