AGA Tools STA Torque Wrench Adapter - Stahwille Type - USED with DSW50

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The problem is you have to use the Stahlwille 18x14 rectangular drive wrench to remove a driveshaft nut. But in order to use this wrench, you need a special breaker bar or torque wrench that uses the 18x14 rectangular drive, which isn't common at all

    But AGA is here to save the day (We like to call ourselves the modern day Tool Hero). The AGA Torque Wrench Adapter allows you to use any standard 1/2" breaker bar or torque wrench that you currently own in your toolbox

    • Note: The torque adapter multiplies by a factor of 1.2
      • Example: Torque wrench is set to 100ft. lbs., final torque is 120ft. lbs.