3M Perfect-It Ii Rubbing Compound 05974 1 Gallon 8 Pack Pricing Consumables

3M Perfect-It II Rubbing Compound 05974 1 Gallon 8 Pack Pricing 3M 5974

  • $ 913.84

Refresh the Look of Your Car, Truck or Van 3M™ Rubbing Compound revives the luster and shine that makes a car glisten out on a sunny day. Our automotive rubbing compound removes sand scratches and smooths surfaces, making your car look amazing. Compounding removes the scratch pattern left by abrasives in previous sanding applications. While smoothing the surface, this product also removes oxidation, water spots and other stains and blemishes. A High Quality Finish with Minimal Swirl Marks Our rubbing compound for cars produces a high quality professional finish that helps reduce the appearance of coarse swirl marks. Its fast-cut formulation reduces compounding time, making car restoration a quicker and easier task.