Midtronics Start Charging Battery Tester MDXP300

  • $ 512.99

Tests regular, AGM, and Gel Batteries - tests all batteries on today's vehicles

Tests discharged batteries with as little as 1 volt - battery does not have to be charged to perform test

Bad cell detection - just replace battery. Cannot be charged.  Rating systems available - CCA / SAE / DIN / EN / IEC

Built In Printer - power for the printer comes from the vehicle battery

Tests starting and charging system providing the customer with a full system test

Innovative designs made in the USA.  Endorsed or required technology by virtually every automotive OEM; Please don't be fooled by imitations that appear or claim to do what Midtronics does; buy the real deal.  Accurately test discharged batteries.  Reverse connection protection.  Safe, highly-accurate testers, fast and simple to use; Program your shop information into print-header.  Tests 12V batteries from 100; 1400 CCA; including AGM; Gel.  Displays voltage, measured CCA, battery, starting, charging system condition.  Voltmeter mode plus high and low voltage memory for starter / alternator testing.  Recall last test onscreen or print to built-in printer.